Monday, March 20, 2006

Dialogue between Arabs and the West......................

Today,I've seen an interview with the Arab Palestinian writer Samar Dahmash Garrah who wrote a very successful book called " Arab voices speak to American hearts" which is being widely accessed by American citizens.

Her book has enlightened thousands of Americans with the truth about Islam being dissociated from Terrorisms and has answered most of their questions.

Samar believes that dialogue between Arabs and the west is being far too slow comparing with the geometrical increase in the clash between both cultures.In Her Site she says:

“I believe that communication between peoples breaks down barriers. I have seen this many times in the courses I teach and the diverse groups I speak to. We do not fear what is different—only what we do not understand. Human beings love variety. We are only bored by sameness.”

Why on earth wouldn't be there a majority of this kinda woman?

here is a caricature I got inspired and drew after the show: