Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Copenhagen Conference.....................................

Copenhagen conference that was held in Denmark including Muslim Imams ( including Muslim preacher Mr.Amr Khaled) and well-educated moderate young Muslims with Danish youth and intellectuals was like a fresh air !!

Today I watched the interview with Amr Khaled on AlYoum Channel with Mr.Amr Adeeb and felt some kind of coooool relief.

The conference was held for a dialogue between the youth and intelectuals of the two cultures.the initiative is meant to highlight four main issues about the Prophet and the Islamic faith.
"They will explain four main things: Who our prophet is, what Islam is all about, freedom of expression in Muslim eyes and respect of the other's holy scriptures," Amr Khaled said.

I couldn't believe the amazing results !!

-Danish youth was understanding and confessed that their image about Islam and Muhammed has totally changed.

-Indeed,the Danish youth ( who were the leaders of powerful youth communities) said that they are ASHAMED of what the newspaper did and that they apologize ( I saw that myself).

-Newspapers in Denmark has praised the conference.Politican,a Danish newspaper,has published a big picture of Amr Khaled ( about 20x20 cm) stating what happened and....they Published a paragraph praising Prophet Muhammed !

-Danish youth cried when Muslim youth were leaving at the airport ( that was also in the reportage transmitted).

-Denmark will found a cultural Islamic center ( for the 1st time) that shows the real beautiful Islam.

-Danish and Muslim youth will co-operate to travel through the Muslim world for dialogue and valunteer work.

-A Danish young girl offered that she leads a campaign to do valunteer work for Palestinians.

Wow!!! This is-thanks to Amr Khaled- an amazing start....can't you see that?

if you want to see the reason stated by Mr/Am khaled behind this conference see: