Saturday, April 15, 2006

A good response.......................................................................

It really pleases me when I see good responses to the subjects I provide in my blog specially when this response comes from non-Muslim communities.

OpenLeader community ( in ther new web site: has posted my previous article about " Islam and Non-violence " which I provided in my blog 2 weeks ago. here it is:

That pops courage into my heart.Thank you Open Leaders and Thank you Andrius.

Clash between Egyptian Muslims and Coptics.............................

Egypt is in a state of fury and anger.
I was deeply shocked and hurt,hence depressed, after hearing the sad event of the Muslim extremist who attacked Christian worshippers in two churches in Alexandria city stabbing them with his knife causing serious injuries to them and the death of one worshipper.
see the details here :
My mind quickly recalled what happened in Alexandria last October when some Christian extremists did a comic play in a church depicting Islam as a fundamental religion and the angry consequences of Muslims in Alexandria and whole Egypt.
What's going on? The National Harmony in Egypt is quickly fraying due to the hatred which both Muslims and Christian are brought up to.
Most of the people of both sides were raised to believe that the other side is conspiring against them.This is new !! During the English occupation in Egypt,Muslims and Christians were fighting and revolting together to resist the occupation and since then,they used to form an amazing Egyptian tissue of love and care.

Islam is a religion that forces Muslims to respect the freedom of worshipping and to never attack a non-Muslim citizin.Muhammed peace be upon him said:" Those who hurts a non-Muslim has actually hurt me.And those who hurts me has actually hurt God"
I have to be honest,here in Egyptian society,we are brought up to hate.In Al-Gomaa prayer,some ignorant Imams (yes ignorant !! ) yell and scream asking God to send all Christians and Jews to death !! Since when this has been among the pure laws of Islam?Why do Muslims show obdience to some of God orders and leave the others?Why are Coptics treated as second class citizens?

Please see this article for Nonie Darwish:

Will the latest clash be the ignition to a fresh start?....let's pray for that.